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 FlatTerraced prop.Semi-detached prop.Detached prop.Front of the HouseRegular Cleaning
Prices per property: From £17 From £41 From £41 From £51 From £27 From £27

Book your jetwash / patio cleaning for only 2.5 GBP per square meter!*

Prices for Domestic Gutter Cleaning in Hackney E2

Single level properties:Properties on two levels:Properties on three levels:
Terraced House - £37 Terraced House - £57 Terraced House - £79
End-of-terrace - £42 End-of-terrace - £62 End-of-terrace - £84
Semi-detached - £57 Semi-detached - £77 Semi-detached - £99
Detached house - £77 Detached house - £87 Detached house - £117
Bungalow - £29    
Downpipes – £12 per pipe Downpipes – £15 per pipe
(if reachable)
Downpipes – £19 per pipe
(if reachable)
Garage - £12    

Exact gutter cleaning prices are given after a viewing. Please call us on 020 3404 2507 to arrange  free, no obligation estimate!

Please note: 

* These prices are for cleaning only. 

* In order to perform the cleaning service, we need access to electricity and easy access to the building from the front and the back. 

* We cannot clean gutters that have gutter guards and downpipes below ground level.

* A minimum booking fee of £40 applies to all gutter cleaning services. 

Prices for Carpet & Upholstery Steam Cleaning in Hackney E2

Carpet & Upholstery Steam Cleaning
Bedrooms (12×12 feet) - £18 Lounge (12×12 feet) - £25 Through Lounge (28×12 feet) - £45
Hallway - £12 Flight of Stairs- £25 Armchair - £18
Two seater sofa - £36 Curtains - £19 Mattress - £16

Special packages: HOT

  • Window Cleaning + Gardening = 20% OFF the price!
  • Book Window + Carpet Cleaning = 10% OFF the Window Cleaning!
  • Window Cleaning + Gutter Cleaning = 20% OFF the Price!
  • Window Cleaning + Pressure Washing = 10% OFF the Price!

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Loyalty Card Terms:

Book your window cleaning service now and a expert window cleaning team will bring your loyalty card now absolutely free-of-charge! Your loyalty card will be stamped every time you call and book window cleaning with us. When you get all six stamps, call us on 020 3404 2507 and quote your VIP code to easily book your FREE window cleaning session! There is no expiry date! For all our loyal customers, we offer free window cleaning with all stamps collected! On the back of the card you will see even more amazing deals valid with the code. Just call us to find out more!

The free window cleaning session must be for an equal ( or lesser ) value than the window cleaning sessions booked before.

The professionals will stamp the card every time, take it away when you collect all stamps and provide a new one! As simple as that!

Call us today on: 020 3404 2507 or email us and our knowledgeable office support staff will be happy to assist you!

Promotional offers cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. Minimum charges apply for each service.

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Alice cleaners were very professional and they did a great job. We had our windows (inside & out) and our gutters cleaned. The technician was a friendly guy, he stayed focused on his task and did everything he said he would.

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Return customer for the past 7 months. Thank you for maintaining the same level of service since day one. We had our ups and downs but thankfully to their Customer care dept, everything was sorted either on site or prompt. Thank you

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